Santa Barbara

I fell in love and broke my heart this weekend. If I’ve learned anything this weekend it’s that we all travel through this life fighting for something, some with harder battles than others. This weekend I was reminded of the brevity of life itself and that home has started to mean the people that are … More Santa Barbara

Blank Canvas

The dreams I have of you feel ever so real. When I see a silver Mazda passing by on the streets I always look at the driver even thought I know it will never be you but it’s a comfort to know that not all of you has vanished from my memory. But at nights … More Blank Canvas


Somehow it always comes back to you. The voice in the back of my head, creeping back every once in a while. I try finding new distractions to silent that voice, but somehow it always creeps back in. I’ll be listening to the radio and a situation that is similar to ours will come on. … More Wonder.

I miss you

I miss you.  I wish that could make everything better; the aching of my heart, the tears I fight so hard to hold back in the midst of the night, but most importantly the joy that you used to bring to me. I never knew how important you were to me till lately… You were … More I miss you

Crisis Alert

A couple of days back I went into crisis mode…. and I broke down. Tears streamed down my face and I just wasn’t sure what was the cause of it. I thought it was just that time of the semester, where papers and due dates piled high at the end of my plate. But as … More Crisis Alert


About a month ago you decided I wasn’t enough and the before me would’ve been devastated but the truth was this wasn’t your first time breaking my heart. Scars imprint my heart from your previous wounds, but this one; this one cut the deepest.  I thought it was going to be different this time around … More Heartbreak